Kota Kemuning Church of Christ

 The 8th Annual Four Seas Lectureship

The Four Seas Annual Lectureship is an event that the Kota Kemuning congregation is very much a part of, each year. Our congregation sends a delegation annually, in support of the lectureship and this year’s event was no different. It was a time of great learning under able speakers, wonderful fellowship with brethren from near and far (especially with our Singapore brethren), exchanging of ideas, spiritual encouragement, and for those with some time to spare, some sightseeing and good food. This year, KK led by its elders, sent a total of 13 members, with sis Margaret, sis Karen and young Jun Yao being the first timers. KK represented the largest delegation from amongst the various congregations in Malaysia. Bro Peter Chin, the President of Four Seas College made several mentions of how much he appreciated our support. We are very much encouraged by the participation of our members and their desire to equip themselves with spiritual nourishment and getting to know the brethren in Singapore.

We had three speakers in the persons of brother Chan Khoon, brother Andy Ling and brother Willy Ling speaking on the topics, Social Drinking, Redeeming the Time, Corrupt Speech respectively. They did very well and presented a well-structured lesson with skillful delivery in front of a daily average audience of about 130 over participants.

Among some of the points raised by speakers (who came from various countries including the US, Australia, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore) were:

There is no proof under the Law of Christ that God approves of social drinking. Instead of trying to justify it, let us to be watchful and to be sober until the day when our Lord Jesus Christ returns. The Greek word translated ‘sober’ is ‘nepho’ defined by Strong as ‘to abstain from wine’, while Barnes defines it as ‘to be temperate or abstinent, especially in respect of wine’. Christians are commanded to live as children of light, to be holy and sober; this requires us to stay away from intoxicating beverages.” – Chan Khoon

“We are terminal. We start dying the day that we are born… As Christians, we should realize that we have limited time and we should focus on the important things in life.” – Andy Ling

“Having recognised the power of the tongue, it becomes crucial that we learn to control it. It is pivotal to recognise the power of the tongue, and how we ought not to use it for corrupt speech, but rathe ‘… that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may register grace unto the hearers’ (Eph 4:29). – Willy Ling

“When God gets finished with this world, what is He going to have in His hand? All that will be left is mind, hearts, and souls… We need to give our minds, hearts, and souls towards things that will help us eternally.” – Dennis Johnson

“Abraham didn’t know where he was going, but he knew Who sent him… God called Abraham to the life of faith, and God calls us to the life of faith as well.” – Larry Keele

“There is a purpose to this life…negatively, we’re to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts, and positively, we’re to live soberly, righteously and godly… we keep in balance when we’re denying the right things and observing the right things.” – Billy Bland

Let us plan for next year’s lectureship with more of us joining in. Our recent participants have indicated that they are looking forward to attending next year’s event. Further, as part of KK’s equipping of the saints to serve better, we will be having an extension programme with Four Seas College to train members, in the coming year. Four Seas College will be sending some of its students, accompanied by its faculty members to help us in becoming better church workers. We invite all members to be a part of this extension programme.

1st December 2015


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